[Osmf-talk] Chairman

Ulf Möller um at ulfm.de
Mon Aug 3 21:03:20 UTC 2009

Richard Fairhurst schrieb:

> I believe strongly that everything else should still come from the  
> community, not from OSMF and its board. OSMF shouldn't be setting  
> mapping priorities, or saying what should appear on openstreetmap.org,  
> for example. Rather, OSMF should work to help the community take these  
> decisions for itself.

I fully agree.

> of chairing meetings. I've served on boards in the past which have  
> drifted due to the lack of a competent chair, and conversely on those  
> which have thrived because of a keen, thoughtful one. It's an  
> important role.

The chair needs to be competent _as chair_. I agree with Peter's view 
there, and I think the chair should probably be someone who has served 
on the board before.

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