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Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Aug 4 12:36:37 UTC 2009

At 01:17 PM 3/08/2009, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
>In the Articles of Association, this bit talks about how the Chairman  
>is chosen:
>> The Board shall from time to time elect a Chairman who shall be  
>> entitled to preside at all meetings of the Board at which he shall  
>> be present, and may determine for what period he is to hold office
>The Chairman is an important role as he/she gets a casting vote in  
>meetings and the final say on the eligibility of voters. More  
>generally, they have the chance to influence discussions as the person  
>who chairs the meetings, and will also be seen as the public face of  
>Steve has, of course, been OSMF Chairman for a three-year term which  
>is now up.
>Could the candidate directors say:
>- whether they would like, or be willing, to serve as Chairman?
>- or, if not, do they have any views on who they would propose for the role?

I also believe that this is something that should be achieved by board consensus after the elections.  In board meetings I have often found that board members come up with criteria or observations that I had never thought of.  

For me personally, I am with Henk, the top criteria is the face of the organisation.  Therefore, if I were at the meeting and got to start, I would propose Steve if he is willing. Gosh, there, I have said it.  He founded OSM, is firmly committed to its ideals and regularly promotes it around the world.   Hey, and he was just voted one of the top 3 most influential people in the geospatial industry over the next five years [1] along with Jack Dangermond (ESRI),  and (collectively) Sergey Brin,  Larry Page, Ed Parsons. Who are those other guys?

On a side note, the role of Secretary is also important for being official point of contact, arranging meetings, following up action items etc rather than the Chairperson.  I believe British law no longer requires such a formal position but I believe it important for us to continue.


[1[ http://www.directionsmag.com/printer.php?article_id=3225 
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