[Osmf-talk] Geo-lobbying in the EU

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Aug 4 16:59:42 UTC 2009

Iván asked a question about geo-lobbying, which I have answered separately, but here is some more information on what may interest the many members in the European Union. Should this be something we should involve ourselves in?  As it is EU rather than national, it is also something well suited to the main Foundation itself.

In July last year, the EU put out a Green Paper on "Copyright in the Knowledge Economy":

http://ec.europa.eu/internal_market/copyright/copyright-infso/copyright-infso_en.htm#greenpaper (apparently available in all European languages)

It asked a series of questions about policy.  Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland (Association Wikimedia Netherlands) has made a well-formatted formal public response which I recommend reading (scroll down for English):


In OSM, we have a narrower outlook than they. We  focus on open access and open re-use of information in maps per se and sources of information used to make maps, such as aerial imagery or boundary definitions.  But I was interested in their response to EU Green Paper questions 4 and 5 :

"(4) Should certain categories of exceptions be made mandatory to ensure more legal certainty and
better protection of beneficiaries of exceptions?

(5) If so, which ones?

Limitations on the copyright are required with respect to:  
· Works created by or in contract with public service institutions 
· Orphaned works 
· Works that exist in the public space (panorama right)."

They have asked us if we would like to get involved.  Seems to be something that would benefit us and our goals?

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