[Osmf-talk] OSM-F membership growth

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Aug 11 22:56:44 UTC 2009


Lulu-Ann at gmx.de wrote:
> So let's think about what advantages to people take from joining.

I don't think there should be any (besides the right to vote, perhaps, 
but if legally possible I'd even extend that to all mappers.)

I don't want people to join for reasons like "I saved 10% at three 
conferences and that was more than the membership fee" or "I get a 
glossy monthly membership mag".

Fred's law: Every organisation large enough will start to negotiate 
membership discounts with Hertz.

(By that time we'll probably have a membership office with three full 
time staff who deal with inquiries about why the glossy mag hasn't 
arrived in time and whether we hafe gift membership certificates. I 
don't want to go there.)

I'd prefer a message like: "You're working hard to make OSM great. So 
now if you want to work even harder, *and* pay money for the privilege, 
and you won't even get a golden lapel pin, then join here" ;-)


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