[Osmf-talk] Access to OSM-F membership list WAS Re: [OSM-talk] Status of the Local Chapter working group

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Thu Aug 13 15:27:27 UTC 2009

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 02:58:45PM +0100, Nick Black wrote:
>> 112 The members of a company
>> (1) The subscribers of a company’s memorandum are deemed to have  
>> agreed to
>> become members of the company, and on its registration become members 
>> and
>> must be entered as such in its register of members.
>> (2) Every other person who agrees to become a member of a company, and 
>> whose
>> name is entered in its register of members, is a member of the  
>> company.
>> Companies Act 2006, Chapter 2, Section 112
> So there are two ways to be a "Member" of a company - to subscribe to  
> the Articles of Association or to agree to be a member and to be entered 
> in the company's register of members.

As I understand this:
(1) is ment for the founding members and
(2) is ment for everybody who joins after the company is founded

> Based on this - and my understanding could well change -  anyone who  
> joins the OSM-F (pays their £15) can vote for the Board and is a member.  
> Their details should be held on a register of members and be available to 
> inspection.  Unless there is a good reason why this is not the case, I 
> think the OSM-F should move to collect the required information and to 
> make that information available.

I agree with this interpretation.

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