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Andrew Turner wrote:
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>> The biggest pain is printing. I've done membership cards as a membership
>> secretary before and while it's easy to do a once a year print run of an
>> individual card per person it's not so easy to be doing them in ones and
>> twos. We would also potential each need a varying size batch of cards
>> depending on how much evangelising we do. Perhaps for the evangelising
>> approach the little 8-fold handouts and some printed labels would be
>> simpler. I'm not after a membership card per se.
> I wonder if Moo would be interested in sponsoring the cards. Could be
> a huge highlight for them - we could dump a feed to them of the OSM-F,
> and a list of 5 GPX traces or areas the Member has mapped. Then
> generate an image as the backing of the card. Members would be very
> proud to hand out the card that shows their contribution.
> Andrew
I know one of the Moo employees is an OSMer (has turned up to at least 1 
London meetup) so I think it would be worth contacting them and 
discussing what cool things could be done. Some confirmation would 
probably be best, to confirm the member likes the areas and wants the 
Hmm, thinking to myself Moo seem to like including more sources for 
pictures (Flickr, facebook...) and I imagine there are 
non-OSM-evangelists that would like a map on their business card (oh if 
only there was an online map that linked into Moo without copyright 

Gregory Marler
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