[Osmf-talk] [Talk-ca] EVERYONE: PLEASE VOTE

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 01:35:51 UTC 2009

<massive snip about corporate influence>

The GNOME foundation fixed this a few years ago by saying that only a
certain percentage of the board. I quote from

"No single organization or company will be allowed to control more
than 40% of the board seats, regardless of election results. In the
event that individuals affiliated with a corporation or organization
hold more than 40% of the seats, affiliates from that corporation will
be required to resign until 40% is no longer held. Individuals
affiliated with a company or organization are people who are
employees, officers, or members of the board of directors of an
organization; or have a significant consulting relationship; or own at
least 1% of the equity or debt, or derivatives thereof, of a company.

That might help.

BTW, I don't believe that CM is evil, but having these safeguards in
place helps.


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