[Osmf-talk] Local Chapters (was: EVERYONE: PLEASE VOTE)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Aug 20 07:40:42 UTC 2009


Peter Miller wrote:
> I get the impression that there is good support for this approach and  
> don't believe that British law would be a problem. Fyi, the current  
> draft Local Chapter's agreement there is a requirement for chapters to  
> give £10 to the OSMF per member.   "The Federated Organisation will  
> pay the Foundation a fee of £10 per annum (or as amended from time-to- 
> time) for each of their members, or as otherwise agreed with the  
> Foundation.  Identification and contact details of each member to be  
> provided to the Foundation and payment to be made to the Foundation  
> within 30 days of the joining date of the member to the Federated  
> Organisation." [1].

That idea has been more or less scrapped, and a new document is being 
drafted on the Wiki:


> Personally I see no justification for money flowing from the local  
> chapters to the foundation. 

Yes; such flow of money may also be problematic if the local chapters 
seek charitable/tax-exempt status in their countries. The current idea 
is, I believe, to encourage members of local chapters to also become 
OSM-F members (as automatically making them a member may again incur 
legal problems), and this is something that would provide some funds to 
OSM-F. In addition, local chapters could take away some financial 
responsibilities from OSM-F e.g. by operating/buying a server or things 
like that.


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