Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at thenilgiris.com
Thu Aug 20 07:39:09 UTC 2009

On Thursday 20 Aug 2009 1:04:40 pm Frederik Ramm wrote:
> This is not true. According to my information, which as I explained is
> one step removed from the truth because I only see mailing list
> subscriptions, Cloudmade employees made up less than 10% of all members
> until yesterday, and more than 20% of members since yesterday. My
> (entirely personal) assumption that all of them actually want to vote,
> whereas only 25% of the other members vote, heightens that disparity.
> Believe me, I would have discussed this much earlier had I known these
> numbers, but the additional 20 persons were subscribed to the list just
> two hours before I wrote the E-mail you are replying to.

normally societies have a cut off date for voting rights - should have been a 
member before such and such a date to be allowed to vote - this helps prevent 
last minute stacking. 

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