James Livingston doctau at mac.com
Thu Aug 20 09:06:39 UTC 2009

On 20/08/2009, at 6:52 PM, Tom Hughes wrote:
> Which shows that 10% of the members may require the directors (board  
> members) to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.

Thanks. I expected as much, but being a non-UK person wasn't sure  
where to look.

So if the board did start abusing their power, someone simply needs to  
get the requisite fraction of the membership to agree with them (10%  
to force an EGM, and then enough to win a vote at the EGM). If they  
can't get enough people to agree that they're abusing their power,  
then either the rest of the members think the board isn't abusing it's  
power, or they've also stacked the membership, at which point a rule  
on board limits won't help.

Time for me to get back to mapping.

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