[Osmf-talk] [Talk-de] EVERYONE: PLEASE VOTE

Andy Robinson (blackadder) blackadderajr at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 20 10:35:01 UTC 2009

Gehling Marc wrote:
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>Subject: Re: [Osmf-talk] [Talk-de] EVERYONE: PLEASE VOTE
>Am 20.08.2009 um 09:37 schrieb SteveC:
>>>> come to your German-only German SOTM your planning because you want
>>>> your own little empire and fame.
>>> Where did you get this from?
>> You and Frederik.
>>> Everybody is of course welcome to the conference
>>> we are planning. The conference language will be German, because
>>> thats the
>>> language that people here in Germany speak. I am sorry that this
>>> excludes
>>> a few billion people on this planet, but it includes the people in
>>> Germany
>>> who don't feel as comfortable with the English language. We already
>>> have an
>>> English language international conference (SOTM) and the one the
>>> German
>>> community is planning just caters to a different audience.
>> So why don't you run an international SOTM?
>the first german OSM Conference can be a test for the first
>international SOTM. Or is the next SOTM without contributioin ?

It's on the Board meeting agenda for Saturday. As this year I expect we will
go for the same process of asking for proposals to host the conference so it
will be up to the local OSM communities to come forward if they wish to have
a stab at hosting SOTM in 2010. Amsterdam went off fantastically well with
this approach.



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