[Osmf-talk] International SotM in Germany / money for membership or what else

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Fri Aug 21 08:58:10 UTC 2009

On 20 Aug 2009, at 14:16, Lulu-Ann at gmx.de wrote:

> About money for membership
> I don't feel comfortable to change the right to vote for the  
> foundation to how many nodes one has uploaded.
> For example, I have spent 9 weeks with a terribly broken leg in  
> front of my laptop working on the wiki without a single track  
> upload, and many developers will support the community aswell  
> without tracks.
> How many lines of code or wiki are worth a node?
> Sorry, I can not agree that this is easy to measure.

4 lines of code are worth 20 nodes, but you must submit it to SVN for  
it to be recorded.

That's not intended to be a serious response, but the point is that  
there are ways to measure these things. I can't find the email now  
that referred to this I'm pretty sure it wasn't saying that uploading  
nodes would be the only way to be a member, it would just be one of a  
number of ways. This would allow people who weren't able to afford the  
membership fee to still be allowed in, but you with your broken leg  
would still be able to pay to join. I imagine the number of nodes/ways  
uploaded would be checked over a period of a whole year or something  
like that anyway meaning that so long as you weren't off your feet for  
too long you could still contribute that way.

Regardless, sorry to hear about your leg, hope you're back on your  
feet and mapping soon :-)


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