[Osmf-talk] Members rights

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Aug 21 09:18:57 UTC 2009


Andy Robinson (blackadder) wrote:
> Frederik, a couple of points you make here I think I need to question. You
> say re board meetings that "meeting minutes have not always been
> forthcoming". I'm not aware of any minutes being missing.

Maybe I chose the wrong words then. What I wanted to say it that it 
sometimes took very long to get them, not that they were not available 
at all.

> Secondly you say that "quite a number of things that I personally found
> relevant never found their way into the minutes". I'm not sure I understand
> what you mean here as I can't recall you having been present at any of the
> board meetings.

I've never been present in any board meeting, just talked to people who 
were! I'm just saying that there is a lot of stuff going on at board 
meetings which does not find its way into the published material but 
which is quite relevant for judging whether or not someone does their 
job well and whether or or not there is "friction".

This is not an omission on your or anybody else's part - meeting minutes 
all over the world leave out lots of personal details which are not 
relevant for the day to day business but might very well be relevant for 
deciding whether you want to re-elect someone. (Where in the world would 
you read - and this is a completely fictitious example - "Director A was 
sulking and refusing to speak to director B throughout the meeting. 
Director B continuously made fun of director A but was unable to elicit 
a response." - this is simply not something that belongs in the meeting 
notes but something that you might well hear over a beer later, and it 
is something that would perhaps make you think whether you would 
re-elect A or B!)

> I think we can safely say we will have a well balanced board. We have
> received over 150 email proxy votes (still being verified) from around the
> world and together with the voting at the AGM I think we can safely say that
> the OSMF members have had their full opportunity to state their views and
> I'm really very pleased to see that they have.

As Mike Collinson recently wrote that we have "around 230 members", that 
would put us at 66% voter participation. That's a number many 
organisations can only dream of, and I'm very pleased as well.


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