[Osmf-talk] List postings and a welcome

Andy Robinson (blackadder) blackadderajr at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 21 09:23:39 UTC 2009

I’d like to make the obvious point that we have all effectively paid £15 to
be on this email list. It's not a general public list. We have all joined
the OSMF and therefore gained access to this list presumably because we all
want to support the OpenStreetMap project. We should all be friends here,
and on the whole we are. There are bound to be differences of opinion, and I
trust that will be respected, but we shouldn’t dismiss the fact that at the
end of the day we are all batting for the same side.

Being of my middle years ;-) I've come to realise that its best, when
reading a flame war, not to respond immediately but instead to revisit it an
hour or a day later. Quite often I find I have a quite different response if
I have had time to reflect and understand the broader view. I'd ask those
who might otherwise rashly interject in discussions to perhaps consider a
similar approach.

So as with Mike yesterday I wish also to warmly welcome all our new members
of the Foundation. I’m sure most of you will already be ardent mappers or
supporting the project in some other way. We should all be applauded for
where we have got too.

I look forward to sharing a beer or two with those who will be around in
London tomorrow and I’ll be raising a glass to all those new friends around
the world I haven’t met yet and hope very much one day to do so. In the
meantime I look forward to chatting with you via this list.

Happy mapping & have fun


Andy Robinson

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