[Osmf-talk] Two day of down server is not possible !!!!

Roberto Navoni r.navoni at radionav.it
Sat Aug 22 14:14:54 UTC 2009

I read on mailing list that the OSM Server is down this week end. I  
don't understand how is possible to do that.
I think that the Foundation had to solve this possible situation.
Infact is simple to prepare an a backup server of OSM and change the   
DNS configuration so the OSM user can work on backup server ....  the  
only limit will be that the api is in read only mode.
Is important to understand that there're a big number of service that  
start to use OSM server for they customers.So is not possible to have  
2 day of downtime  I think that all around the world is possible to  
prepare some server as backup of primary for this situation. I think  
that the first one will be avaible for the next time that the primary  
server need support.
Best Regards
Roberto Navoni

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