[Osmf-talk] API up after maint. was: Two day of down server is not possible !!!!

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Aug 23 20:11:43 UTC 2009


Andrew Turner wrote:
> I would like to discuss how we could address downtimes in the future.
> I understand that there is a "primary objective" of OSM.org being used
> for editing & maintaining data. However, as OSM becomes more
> "mainstream" there is definitely an expectation that it will be up and
> reachable at any time by the general public.

We could work on educating the public so that the expectation is 
removed, rather than do what the mainstream expects from us.

I'm not totally against what you're suggesting but I sense some 
"slippery slope" here; maybe it is time to get the message across more 
clearly that we are not in anyway a Google Maps replacement and if 
people expect this from us they should change their expectations. 
(Because they'll be "expecting" routing, and aerial imagery, and "MyMap" 
features, and all that in no time if we don't set the record straight.)

I'm sure that with some effort, this could be said in a friendly way 
that is actually understood by the casual visitor.


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