[Osmf-talk] Legal edible violations

sotm at livingwithdragons.com sotm at livingwithdragons.com
Sun Aug 23 23:33:10 UTC 2009

I would like to inform the Foundation of two acts that need to be 
legally followed to protect the OpenStreetMap interests.

1. In Toronto a cake was produced using OpenStreetMap data that need not 
have the correct attribution on it. See 

2. In London, a number of cupcakes were produced with the OSM trademark 
logo on top of the icing. This use of the registered trademark did not 
have prior authorisation from OSMF.

It is important that the foundation uses it's resources to take firm 
legal action, and most importantly make it widely known that my OSM 
birthday cake was far superior to them, perhaps only bettered by the 
Japanese cake makers. Does anybody know where SteveC will be uploading 
his video interviews (including my winning speech)?

Gregory Marler

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