[Osmf-talk] API up after maint. was: Two day of down server is not possible !!!!

Jaak Laineste jaak at nutiteq.com
Mon Aug 24 11:49:17 UTC 2009

> >So lets separate and identify what are key characteristics of
> >OpenstreetMap.org that be available all the time, and what pieces of
> >the API, tools, that should be able to be taken offline.
> I think we know what these are. That's not the issue. What's at issue
> is
> whether we as a project have the resources of money, hardware and
> individual
> time to administer a guaranteed service. I would argue that currently
> we
> don't and nor do I believe it would be easy to achieve without
> significant
> outside backing. I'm very happy to have this debate, but all should
> respect
> that if it was easy to do we would have done it already.

Right, OSM.org could be full mapping portal and replacement for Google, with
everything. But under current constraints (money, and state of the database
itself), I suggest to clearly focus to the database creation. Serving tiles
and showing the map page is really secondary. Even if many service providers
(including myself) are occasionally unhappy if they do not get the easy free

 - Communicate clearly availability levels for the servers. Currently any of
the services "can be down for couple of days per year". That's fine if you
know it. Currently from wiki I can see suggestions and guides how to use OSM
tiles as proper replacement for Google, and this is no good.
 - Avoid rising expectations too high (too soon). Educational weekly
downtimes. Require log on to see OSM.org maps. Drive occasional visitors and
also web developers to the "proper" services for them like umapper,
cloudmade, openstreetbrowser, yournavigation etc.


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