[Osmf-talk] my views on the ODbL

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Sat Dec 5 21:38:56 UTC 2009

On Dec 5, 2009, at 2:31 PM, Elizabeth Dodd wrote:

> On Sun, 6 Dec 2009, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> The only way to avoid this would probably be orchestrating a massive
>> rejection drive against non-relicensed data, including deliberately
>> leaving out the data from our map tiles as if it didn't exist. That
>> would force people to resurvey missing data more quickly rather than
>> having the old stuff stick around, but it could also alienate some.
> From an Australian point of view, the government data we have imported is CC-
> by-SA. We have no leverage to try to alter this. Getting the data at was a 
> major concession.
> This imported data is huge and has added vast quantities to our database.
> My own data covers an area about 500km square where my husband and I have been 
> almost sole surveyors. That will literally be disappearing towns and villages 
> if that data is not relicenced.
> The proposed licence is not a benefit to Australians in my view.

So what, go back and explain to them that CCBYSA doesn't apply to data and work with them on the ODbL.

Giving up and ranting about your 'university of life' qualifications is not the answer. It turns out actual law degrees do matter. And those with actual law degrees have made it very clear we need to move license, and that's why we've had a multi-year process to do it.

Nobody wants you to leave, and of course we want all this great data you're talking about. So stop being selfish and find ways to *help* and *work with* the team to make it a success. Just saying 'no' is not going to work.

Yours &c.


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