[Osmf-talk] wiki pages

Valerio Capello valerio at geody.com
Sat Dec 5 23:53:45 UTC 2009

I haven't decided yet about my vote, probably moving to ODbL is the best
choice but I'm mostly concerned about data loss and the Yes page is not
very clear about this and about why CC-by-sa doesn't apply to
geographical data.
Please don't take this personal, but I'm finding the Yes page incomplete
and unconvincing. I think it has to be improved to illustrate properly
the pros of the ODbL and the cons of the CC-by-sa, and to address the
concerns expressed in the No page.

I haven't contributed nor lobbied to any position, so I think mine is a
rather neutral point of view.
Basically the Yes page currently reads like this:

Why You Should Vote Yes
Because we say so.

What about the 'no' page?
Those people are weird, there's nothing to worry, we are the good ones,
trust us.

I think everybody here just want to share and use georeferenced data for
fun and maybe profit, so we'd better cooperate to make it possible
rather than starting a war of positions.


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