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Florian Lohoff flo at rfc822.org
Sun Dec 6 09:47:42 UTC 2009

On Sat, Dec 05, 2009 at 09:13:14PM -0700, SteveC wrote:
> > Richard Weait schrieb:
> >> I think the LWG has done a good job on a difficult task.  A task that
> >> we, as a community, asked them to do for us because we couldn't
> >> implement a license change as a group of 20,000 (at the time)
> >> individual mappers.  I'm glad that the LWG looked after our shared
> >> concerns so ably, by consulting with lawyers, the Creative Commons,
> >> the Open Knowledge Foundation and the community at large over the few
> >> years of the license discussion to date.
> >
> > I'm sorry, but for the last two years I can't remember asking for a
> > license change at all.
> And there lays the point, we should all do what Ulf asks for.

So we should do the YOU or the OSMF asks us to do?

Ulf is not alone - I havent asked  ... And a lot of people did
not do so too.

Even that i didnt ask for a license change - the new license is much to complex
for my mind - CC-BY-SA hasnt shown any real problems up to now so i see the
whole discussion as an artificial problem. 

I started with OSM to get free GeoData and IMHO any restriction
put on the data limits its usefulness. I accepted the Attribution and
the Share alike - now a lot more rules on what i am allowed and what not
come down on me. This is a change in rules of the game while half

AFAIK The only problem which could ever arise from CC-BY-SA is that its void
which would probably (not proven) make data Public Domain which would also be
fine with me.

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