[Osmf-talk] Share Alike images

DavidD thewinch at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 14:34:25 UTC 2009

On 06/12/2009, Matt Amos <matt at asklater.com> wrote:

>  but it basically boils down to: my view is that, if someone is using
>  something that is Free, they should have to make available any
>  improvements they make to that Free thing. the work they produce likely
>  contains significant investment of their own, so they should be able to
>  benefit from it.

Does that happen with the ODbL? It looks to me like once someone
creates a produced work I can take it and do what I want. Including
stripping the attribution and converting it back into osm format data.
You end up with two groups of people doing the same thing but with
different requirements depending on if they started with data from
openstreetmap.org or a produced work.

Wouldn't it have been better to remove ths 'viral' aspect altogether
if it can't be made to apply consistantly to all users of osm data?


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