[Osmf-talk] Flight simulator terrains (was: Share Alike images)

Oliver White sotm at blibbleblobble.co.uk
Sun Dec 6 20:26:30 UTC 2009

Not that I really want to add any more noise to this discussion, but
this is a use-case that people at work tend to be interested in...

2009/12/6 Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org>:
> A produced work is only a produced work if it stops being a database.

If you produce an image from OSM data, then that's a "not-a-database"
and you can do what you like with it.

If you produce a 3D terrain that you can fly over from OSM data, then
that looks and feels quite like other artwork, i.e. not dissimilar to
producing lots of "not-a-database" images each second.  However, I get
the impression that because this "is a database" (we even call these
terrains "databases") that it's sharealike under odbl.  Is this the

Now I can see that if someone takes OSM data into the 3rd (4th?)
dimension and starts playing with junction layouts in a 3D editor
(vterrain-style) then that's interesting data that OSM might be
interested in having back.

However, we're currently trying to solve a much simpler problem,
essentially "can you cut OSM roads, railways, wind farms and
lighthouses into a satellite imagery layer which is entirely
proprietary, then save and use the result as a 3D terrain?"  (i.e. the
3D equivalent of an OSM layer on top of a satellite photo layer,
except that the result must be saved in one file)

Any ideas?

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