[Osmf-talk] Share Alike images

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Dec 7 02:10:32 UTC 2009


Erik Johansson wrote:
> But as you affirmed that style sheet doesn't have to be shared, so you
> can still keep your creativity secret. but your rendered images which
> are just carbon copied from the hard work of others, should be share
> alike.

I like to think of the example of someone who, using manual cartography 
and spending many many hours with the drawing program of his choice, 
creates a beautiful map based on OSM data, then goes on to sell it in 
the form of a book or maybe a limited print or something.

What this guy does is vastly more than "carbon copied from the hard work 
of others". For someone who earns his money that way, using OSM is 
currently not an option; he has to buy commercial data. This doesn't 
advance the cause of OSM in any way. If this guy were to use OSM, he 
still wouldn't make his map available, but still I would find this a 
desirable additional exposure for OSM.

Using OSM will save this guy some money, and perhaps give him better data.

And you say he's a "leech" if he doesn't make his work of art freely 

But now look at a classic OSM user, downloading our map to his Garmin 
device and using it for navigation.

Using OSM will save this guy some money, and perhaps give him better data.

Is this guy also a "leech" because he just uses our data to save money 
and gives nothing back?


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