[Osmf-talk] French version of license change proposal

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Mon Dec 7 22:02:40 UTC 2009

My apologies to Fran├žois and our French-speaking members for not highlighting this earlier.  My thanks to him for initiating and working on this.

French translation: <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Vdb/workspace>http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Vdb/workspace

Please note that this is based on an earlier version. The biggest update is the addition of the proposed wording to be presented to existing contributors asking for their consent.

Also, can someone help with translating the following:

"On legal advice, what a Licensor says carries weight with users of our data and, potentially, to a judge. The OSM Community evolves a consensus of "Substantial", "Produced Work" and anything similar over time and produces a guideline (not the same as a definition, that is up to case precedent). "

If it helps, I paraphrase as:

We (the LWG) have been given legal advice.  We understand that: A Licensor (i.e. OSMF), may make statements interpreting the license.  Licensees (i.e. OSM data users) very often obey these.  A court judge may (not guarenteed!) decide that Licensees should have obeyed the interpretation because it is what the Licensee wants.  We have therefore set up a process where the OSM Community can create guidelines. The OSMF will then publish the guidelines.  The current examples are on what  "Substantial" and "Produced Work"  mean when applied to OSM Geodata. Other guidelines can be produced in the future.

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