[Osmf-talk] CC-BY-SA "too strong" ?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Dec 10 08:20:42 UTC 2009


Matija Nalis wrote:
> Yet, it seems that wikipedia does not suffer from CC-BY-SA as it is claimed
> OSM does. That is, the data from it regularily gets copied, and attributing
> goes just to Wikipedia, not all individual contributors. Also the fact that
> data from Wikipedia gets included does not seem to make all surrounding work
> become CC-BY-SA.

As I read it, CC-BY-SA does not require the copyright holder to be 
attributed; instead, it *allows* the copyright holder to require 
attribution, the content of which he may specify.

This means that you can publish a CC-BY-SA work and say: "please 
attribute this to X".

In their contributor terms, and indeed on every edit page, Wikipedia 
makes you agree that a link back to the Wikipedia article is sufficient 
attribution. (Actually it is a bit more complex still, see 

OSM could do the same, but we'd have to put that in our own contributor 
terms and it would only become valid for people signing up after that, 
or we'd have to send everyone a notice to that effect and say "click 
here to agree that in the future, a link to openstreetmap.org is 
sufficient attribution for you" or so.


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