[Osmf-talk] Proportion of OSM data represented by foundation members

Brian Quinion osmfoundation at brian.quinion.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 11:56:11 UTC 2009

> Yes it's sad, if there was a list of OSMF members availalbe then he'd
> have a chance to actually count the edits for people but with OSMF being

On a related note.

I was presuming that the results of the vote would be presented as a
list of members with an indication of which way they had voted?  I was
assume this since it would be the only way for everyone to verify
their vote and the overall result of the vote.

So as of the 27th (or whenever the results of the vote are announced)
we will all presumably have a list of at least everyone who has voted.

Am I wrong in any of this?


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