[Osmf-talk] Mapzen example (was: Proportion of OSM data represented by foundation members)

Jeroen Carelse jeroen at carelse.com
Fri Dec 11 12:09:49 UTC 2009

Good question Brian,

I still have not been to make up my mind and if it stays like that it would result in a non-vote.

Now that I have time and read some of the previous posts I looked at the fabulous Mapzen editor. Great work!
But this is an interesting case to help me to understand the difference between the current and proposed license.

When I use Mapzen and edit the map of my neighbourhood where does this mapdata go?
To OSM or Cloudmade or both?
Why owns this data:
- under the current license
- under the proposed license?

Would be interesting to hear the facts…


PS as this is a hot topic let me stress I really like Mapzen and I think it could make a big difference in terms of people starting to edit and improve maps.

On Dec 11, 2009, at 13:56 , Brian Quinion wrote:

>> Yes it's sad, if there was a list of OSMF members availalbe then he'd
>> have a chance to actually count the edits for people but with OSMF being
> On a related note.
> I was presuming that the results of the vote would be presented as a
> list of members with an indication of which way they had voted?  I was
> assume this since it would be the only way for everyone to verify
> their vote and the overall result of the vote.
> So as of the 27th (or whenever the results of the vote are announced)
> we will all presumably have a list of at least everyone who has voted.
> Am I wrong in any of this?
> --
> Brian
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