[Osmf-talk] Results of OSMF Member Vote

Russ Phillips russ at phillipsuk.org
Mon Dec 28 09:29:05 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-12-27 at 23:01 +0000, Richard Fairhurst wrote:

> > I would actually expect OSMF membership to be *more* interested in the
> > license change issues than the average OSM contributor
> I think that's, at best, a misguided judgement and at worst a  
> dreadfully arrogant one. Just because licence issues exercise you or

I think it's fair to say that OSMF members are more likely to be
interested in the licence change, but that doesn't mean that most are
interested. I'm not really interested. I gave up reading the messages
about the licence change quite early on. I've been reading the shorter
messages in this thread, but I'll probably give up on this thread
entirely soon.

There are many potential reasons for joining OSMF. For me, it was as
much about contributing funds as anything else. I did vote on the
licence change, but I won't be hugely concerned if it doesn't go the way
I voted.


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