[Osmf-talk] Results of OSMF Member Vote

Michael Kugelmann MichaelK_OSM at gmx.de
Mon Dec 28 13:18:29 UTC 2009

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> If a significant amount of data is not relicensed, and if OSMF should go 
> ahead nonetheless (which I doubt it will), then people will simply run 
> the old data set on some server of their own[1].

looking at the current rate of information provided to OSM, we will get 
the lost data back soon.
IIRC while some discussions on SOTM or in mailing lists (could someone 
please confirm or correct my statement), we would get an area back 
within 1/2 or 1 year if all the data would be deleted (this was 
mentioned within a discussion regarding vandalims and deleting of big 
areas e.g. a country like Germany).
So if we need to change someting on the license we should do it now: the 
earlier the better (IMHO).
Loosing of data is always a bad thing, I'm aware of that. But there's a 
german sentence "Lieber ein Ende mit Schrecken als Schrecken ohne Ende" 
(better to have an end with horror than horror w/o end).

Best regards,

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