[Osmf-talk] This year's AGM and elections

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 7 18:34:45 UTC 2009


    a few issues I'd like to bring to the attention of the OSMF board:

I. Date for AGM

Is there already a date for this year's OSMF AGM? If not, I'd appreciate 
if one could be set soon for the benefit of those who might want to 
travel to London from further afield. Assuming it is going to be in 
London at all.


In the same spirit, could the OSMF board consider holding the AGM at the 
SOTM conference from 2010 on? I feel this would bolster member 
participation as it would not require extra travel. If this is a 
decision that the OSMF board feels should be taken by the membership at 
an AGM, then please put that item on the agenda for this year and let 
the members decide in August.

III. OSMF reorg

Another item I wish to see on the agenda is the whole OSMF articles of 
association redesign topic; I believe the members should have a say on 
who is on the relevant working group and that working group should 
receive some sort of concrete missive (rather than "please improve 
things somehow") from the membership so that they know what they need to 
work on. This, however, would require members to first make up their 
minds about what is perceived to be amiss currently. Can someone (Peter 
Miller perhaps as the person who raised the issue months ago) give us 
some keywords on what problems need addressing?

IV. Elections

I believe that some (or even all) positions on the OSMF board are up for 
election this year. I would like to start the process of finding 
suitable candidates soon, so I would like to know how many people we 
need and how many of the existing board members will seek re-election.

(It doesn't have to be before SOTM of course but I believe there is a 
board meeting in conjunction with SOTM, that's why I am writing this now 
rather than next week!)


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