Gustav Foseid gustav at foseid.priv.no
Wed Jul 29 15:01:54 UTC 2009

Tom Hughes skrev:
> I also have no idea whether it would be legal to put such restrictions 
> in the articles - somebody would probably need to research UK companies 
> law to work that out.

In Norway it is common for the general meeting to elect both a board and 
a nomination comittee. The nomination comittee nominates one (and 
exactly one) person for each open position, based on input from members. 
They will normally work under guidelines that are less formal than the 
articles, and will typically try to nominate a board that is both 
competent and diversified. At the general meeting, any member who 
disagrees with the nomination comittee is free to make their own nomination.

I am not sure how common this is elsewhere, but here it works very well 
for most associations (foundations are not very common).

- Gustav

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