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Nick Black nick at blacksworld.net
Thu Jul 30 14:14:38 UTC 2009

On 30 Jul 2009, at 14:56, Lulu-Ann at gmx.de wrote:

> Hi Nick,
> you wrote
>> By the end of 2010 we should be counting foundation members
>> in the 10,000s.
> and
>> Before you vote for a Board member - try and meet them in person or
>> talk to them on the phone and figure out if you trust them.  Talk to
>> them about their other interests (everyone has other interests) and
>> find out how they would put their interests aside and make decisions
>> that represent you and your OSM community.
> See the contradiction? You can't talk to them all!

Ah! You've got me ;-)

You can try though.  Especially if you think you can't trust the Board  
member - there's no substitute for face-to-face communication.

> Many users are not members of the foundation because they are not  
> able to communicate in English so reliably that they dare to vote.
> I think:
> * The foundation needs to have the pages translated into many  
> languages - why not have moderated translatable pages in the wiki?

Completely agree.  I think we need quite a major overhaul of the  
website - its not very well laid out and its hard to find the  
information your looking for.  When we asked for volunteers to  
translate the SOTM website we had loads of people help out - I'm sure  
people would do the same for the OSM-F website.  I've started a  
translation page here which we can use to collect translations:  http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Foundation/Website_Translation

> * The persons who want to be elected need to have profiles that say  
> something about their ideas and their voting plans, not only about  
> their bio. I have read all bios and there was not a single line  
> about the new license, for example.

Where were you reading?  Many of the members have their election  
manifestos on their OSM wiki pages, for example, mine is here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Nickb 
  .   I'm going to be updating it with lots of information about what  
I want to achieve in 09/10 on Monday.  Until then I've put a short  
summary up.

> * The candidates need fotos on their pages, so I can remember them  
> if I met them.

Great point - I've added mine to my wiki page.  Will talk to Mike (who  
looks after the foundation website) about getting our photos on there.

> * The foundation needs bank accounts in the most importand  
> countries, so the fear that the money is stuck in the transfer to  
> the other country is lost.

Yes.  We're in the process of setting up a Euro account at the  
moment.  When a local chapter is set up in a country, they will be  
able to open a bank account.

> * The foundation should have nice presentations for download about  
> what they did last year and what they are planning to do next year.  
> Visualize!

Great idea.  How about more links to Flickr, YouTube and other sites?   
We should really be showing off things like SOTM to the world.

> About the limitation of professionals in the foundation's board I  
> think
> there should be a simple majority of members without finantial  
> interest, but I don't know if you can forbid any member to start a  
> business after being elected.

Think I've made quite a few points about this already, so I'll save  
you all from going into it again.  The only point I'd make is how you  
clarify financial interest?  What about the guy selling OSM key chains  
at SOTM - should he be forbidden from selling keychains with the OSM  
logo on?  What about if you get a job as a GIS analyst because your  
company were impressed by your commitment to OSM as a hobby?

Aside from that, I just don't think financial interest is important.   
What's more important is the person's commitment to OSM.


> Regards
> Lulu-Ann
> Hannover, Germany
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