Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 31 15:50:18 UTC 2009


Christopher Osborne wrote:
> After about 40 emails in the space of one day, I think its time to cool the
> debate.
> If you feel strongly enough about this, stand for election and write your
> manifesto.  If your views represent those of others, you stand a good chance
> of being elected.

Is it your opinion that the course that OSMF takes should not be 
determined through discussion amongst its members but rather by people 
putting up their read-only manifestoes and people then silently voting 
for whoever they like best - without actually talking to each other?

Or are you saying that this mailing list is not the right place for 
discussion among OSMF members?

I'm somewhat confounded because I actually thought it a healthy element 
of a strong organisation that members can share, discuss, or sometimes 
perhaps even battle out their views, and especially engage with those 
who are asking to be elected. Now you come across suggesting something 
that sounds like "if you don't want to stand for election yourself, shut 
up and politely limit yourself to choosing from the available options 
without making a fuss".

If you do not like this process of exchanging views and of dialogue 
between the "electorate" and those asking to be elected, maybe you can 
suggest a better one - ideally one that does not involve meeting face to 
face so that we don't discourage those who neither live in London nor 
have a limitless travel budget. I'd be very unhappy if we'd arrive at a 
policy where people from Australia can't get elected because they seldom 
show up in Europe in person...


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