[Osmf-talk] Fwd: AW: Lizenzverstoß bei Magix Foto auf CD&DVD 9

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Nov 24 14:33:58 UTC 2009


Lulu-Ann at gmx.de wrote:
> Sorry, because of a typo this mail did not go through.
> This should be the first mail.

The way I read this is:

* Company makes software that allows access to OSM maps
* does not give proper attribution
* is told to please add proper attribution
* says: "sorry we forgot, we'll add it in the next release, and by the 
way thank you for the great project"

I think this is good, and the process should stop there.

Matthias points out that they have a video on their web site has a 
3-second scene containing an OSM screenshot. I think it would be ok to 
ask them to mention, either in the video or on the page, that maps come 
from OSM and are CC-BY-SA licensed. I would, however, avoid claiming 
that they have done something "illegal", and I would not continue 
discussing what they may have done wrong in the past. Also, Matthias' 
e-mail contains a lengthy discussion of how he cannot believe that they 
really forgot, which basically accuses them of lying.

Matthias' proposed mail does have a more conciliatory tone towards the 
end but still I believe it is over the top, and it makes him sound like 
a nitpicker. I also think that the catalogue of demands that Matthias 
puts up (mentioning OSM and its license in (a) the product EULA, (b) the 
product about box, (c) the "assistant" dialog window and (d) in all 
screenshots and on the product web page) is a very strict interpretation 
of the CC-BY-SA license and the company would be likely to be told 
differently if they asked other community members.

I would suggest to throw away this draft. Instead write a short message 
thanking them for their understanding and respectfully asking for proper 
attribution where OSM screenshots are used in advertising material.

If they release the next version of the software and still have nothing 
there, we can still sue them.


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