[Osmf-talk] Feedback please post-AGM and the coming year of OSMF

Floris Looijesteijn osm at floris.nu
Fri Sep 4 09:08:40 UTC 2009

I guess it's just an extra.
Of course you can also express yourself here on the list.

Let me start:

- New License
I'm not sure what the status is at this moment but I don't think there's
been a lot of progress. I hope it's possible to get this sorted out within
the next year...

Floris Looijesteijn

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> SteveC wrote:
>> There is a anonymous text box you can jot anything you like down here:
>> 	http://bit.ly/IXW05
> What reasons are there to prefer this form of communication (where
> people talk only to SteveC who has to read and summarise and post back)
> over osmf-talk?
> Is anonymity an issue - do OSMF members feel the need to take part in
> opinion forming without signing their name to it? Maybe we should
> install an anonymous remailer specifically for osmf-talk then ;-)
> Bye
> Frederik
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