[Osmf-talk] chapter membership application: lower limit (20)

ivom ivo.vdmaagdenberg at pandora.be
Mon Sep 7 21:15:09 UTC 2009


I am preparing the creation of a belgian non-profit legal entity to 
represent OSM in Belgium. Mid-term goal is to apply for membership as a 
Local Chapter with the OSMF. I have a question about the kind of 'members' 
in the society, that would have to be part of this legal entity to be able 
to apply as a chapter to OSMF.

Do these members (20) have to posses of full rights in this organisation; 
like being able to decide on direction, choosing board member, changing 
bylaws, allowing/rejecting member, access to financial documents? Or is it 
ok to have extra members added to the sum of 'some full rights'-members, 
that pay a yearly fee and have limited or 'minimal' (as described in the 
bylaws) rights?

Also, where does the figure of 20 people come from? I see it as a rather 
arbitrary figure for now. I do accept the 'stability'-argument, however.

I guess the local laws of existing non-profits in other countries, about 
which I am not familiar with describe the membership rules differently. 
Please exchange.

Kind regards,

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