[Osmf-talk] seeking funding ideas

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Thu Apr 29 12:11:06 UTC 2010

I was thinking of this idea just today, and then I saw this thread. Here is
my input:

What if companies, for a fee, could pay to have icons with their logo on the
osm.org map. The logo should have the same size as other icons, and as the
other icons, only visible at a certain zoom level.

Say for example, a petrol company, that would like to have their logo on the
map instead of the ordinary "gas station" icon or a fast-food chain that
would want their logo, instead of the standard "fast-food" icon.

The fee does not need to be high, since there are many companies, and if the
idea is succesful, the competitors of those with logos on the map would have
to follow. (This is were we come in: "XXX have their logo on our map, what
about you?" :-))

I am sure this could generate a nice flow of funding for OSMF, and for
users, it would also be quite useful, since these company logos are in fact
landmarks you can use to orient yourself.

Just an idea... if you hate it, that's OK :-)

-- Morten

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