[Osmf-talk] seeking funding ideas

Roman Fischer roman at mybabey.ch
Thu Apr 29 12:39:53 UTC 2010

>> What if companies, for a fee, could pay to have icons with their logo on the
>> osm.org map. The logo should have the same size as other icons, and as the
>> other icons, only visible at a certain zoom level.
> Well I hate it, Morten.  I hate it for osm.org, but your startup
> company could do that. On OSM it would divide objects on the map into
> "sponsored" and "non-sponsored" data.  That sounds yucky to me.

I like it. It's unobtrusive from a user point of view and I'm sure  
it's technically feasible. It could - as an extra bonus - lead to the  
companies updating/inserting their presences and thus make the map  


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