[Osmf-talk] seeking funding ideas

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Fri Apr 30 15:16:23 UTC 2010

dear all,

> *Publicity* ---|                        Not expecting rentability
> *Commissions* -|                        2. to influence
> Donations -----|                        3. to sell
> Pay per view --|                        Expecting rentability
> *Databases* ------------------------ * due to the audience
> 		      |--------------- * due to the technology
> 		      |           |--- * due to the brand
> Pay for premium use |           |
> *Corporate use -----|
>                                 |
> *Franchising by territory*------|
> *Franchising by market segment* |
> *Diversification* --------------|

Have read that the banks at least within the UK operate the ATM network 
as a non-profit collective which the various banks all part-fund.
There is a recognition that competition at this level is not 
economically beneficial.

One sees open source software projects with a protective ring of 
consultancies around, offering support and training and setup. The 
project grows and thrives as a byproduct other work being done.

So startup companies can look at Genis' diagram and think about 
fund-raising tactics that take money from businesses, not from people
(though what would happen if all businesses behaved this way?).

OSM has such a ring, there are Cloudmade and Geofabrik, folks like ITO 
World and Stamen and Prodevelop, maybe many more. Selling use of the 
audience database - e.g. OpenCycleMap, with user permissions, allows a 
bike shop or campaign group to communicate with contributors. Or 
corporate use of services - i heard that First Great Western trains now 
have OSM maps on seat-back screens thanks to Cloudmade?!

And these folks in turn ought to be finding more ways to support the OSM 
Foundation and the core infrastructure. It will still be donation but 
not look like begging...



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