[Osmf-talk] [OSM-talk] ODBL vote (was Re: Enough is enough: disinfecting OSM from poisonous people)

Sam Vekemans acrosscanadatrails at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 10:36:40 UTC 2010

So we have clarified my question. (2 responses on the main talk list
and some IRC chat), but because of the bulk messages, it might have
gotten lost)

It is clear that there are 2 separate questions being asked.

The 1st part is a 'yes i agree' only answer  ... which is fine.   In
order to keep working on OSM, it's what has to be done.  ('accept' or
'decline', where 'decline' would ask the question again)

The 2nd is a choice of preference with a check box.   So it's is
wonderful that im given a choice on weather or no to check that box
(thank you).   So my question is weather or not, at a later date,  I
can change my choice (based on new information which would want me to
change my mind).?

Hopefully, the answer is yes.  I can change my choice at a later date.
  Although the preference is still not binding, the choice can be
changed, as it is a 'preference', and therefore, should not not be
part of the contributor terms page.   As the Contributor terms is the
single document that everyone needs to agree to.

And here's the specific recommendation.

Remove (or copy) the question, and place it in the user preferences.

In the user preferences, currently it states.

Preferred Languages:  	en-US,en   (was my choice)
Public editing:  	 Enabled. Not anonymous and can edit data. (what is this?)
Contributor Terms: 	You have not yet agreed to the new Contributor Terms.(link)

Having the 2nd and 3rd line switched with the change to

Preferred Languages:  	en-US,en   (was my choice)
Contributor Terms: 	Thank you.  You have agreed to the Contributor Terms.(link)
License preference for user contributions :  	    (note: checking the
PD box is only a declaration and will not really allow anybody to use
parts of the OSM database as PD)
    A - ODBL - (Open Database License - as currently in place)
    B - CC-BY  - whatever that is.
    C - PD - Public domain (could apply only to original/non modified
edits or other PD edits in a complete PD database)
    D - Unsure of License Preference
    E - Other license: user defined:  ____ (where the user can type in
the preference)

This way, it will both help the foundation with receiving a constant
survey of what the contributors would 'prefer' if given the choice at
a later date, as well as help the contributor in knowing that the
foundation is aware of what their preference is, as well as help other
users know what preferences others made.

Obviously, the actual choices could be simplified to just moving the
statement into this preference section as it's already stated.
"In addition to ODbl i declare my contributions Public Domain" (check)

So in sum, I cant agree to the terms, because i need to make that
unrelated decision (which appears to be currently non-changeable)...
where i am unsure if i should change the PD decision at a later date.


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