[Osmf-talk] New board members: Can you update bios?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Aug 14 19:00:19 UTC 2010


    as you know we're in the middle of a license change process in 
which, unfortunately and probably due to non-ideal communications on the 
part of OSMF[*], some people have reservations concerning the 
foundation, and/or assume sinister motives behind the license change 

Today I have been asked whether OSMF board members earn money for the 
OSMF job, and whether their day job is anything to do with OSM. I said 
no they don't earn money from OSMF, and pointed them to


- where all board members have a short bio & their business interestes 
listed. It is very good, especially in times like these, to have such 
information online to make OSMF's work transparent. However I noticed 
that the page is still in its pre-SOTM form (with Ulf, Andy, Michael 
listed instead of Emilie, Ivan, and Oliver).

It would be great if it could be updated soon.


[*] It's a fact but not a criticism - I'd rather have OSMF use £10k for 
new servers than for paying a slick PR consultant to make mappers docile.

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