[Osmf-talk] Translations of the ODBL

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 26 07:08:30 UTC 2010


Klaus Ga├čner wrote:
> Thank you for the pointer, I did not find that one. But it still doesn't 
> quite solve the problem, as the first sentence on the page says "This is 
> an _inofficial_ translation..."

There's a number of problems with that:

1. OSMF is not the entity to provide an official translation. That would 
have to be done by OKFN who issue the ODbL.

2. OKFN would have to pay lawyers who speak both languages to actually 
vouch for the correctness of the translation. This is going to cost a 
huge amount of money even if we'd only do it for European languages. And 
still we'd need to say that the binding text is the English one.

3. The current license, CC-BY-SA, does not have official translations 
either. There are localized versions issued by Creative Commons, but the 
binding text is always the English one.

> People would need an official/approved translation so they can be sure 
> the inofficial translation does not have some parts different from the 
> meaning of the binding english version.

I think it would be sufficient if a small number of people in the German 
(or other national) community check the translation and publicly say 
that they believe it to be correct. Any difference in meaning so subtle 
that it cannot be detected by them would also be overlooked by people 
reading the license.


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