[Osmf-talk] [OSM-legal-talk] Noise vs unanswered questions

SteveC steve at asklater.com
Thu Sep 2 16:04:29 UTC 2010

On Sep 2, 2010, at 4:08 AM, Klaus Ga├čner wrote:

> Hi!
> Am 02.09.2010 08:49, schrieb 80n:
>>    Um, no, just all the smart people are kind of bored by you and your
>>    friends so we don't participate in the mindless circular 'debates'
>>    you engender any more. So all we have left on the list is you guys
>>    jerking off.
>> I'm saddened that the people in control of OSM have such little respect
>> for their contributors.
> I have not followed those discussions as I am bored of endless and pointless debates myself. Judging the mail out of context, I would agree that the tone is offending.

George James (80n) from georgejames.com is just trolling again.

My point is that the volunteers who're doing all the work are finding it exhausting dealing with all the trolling. George James (80n) has publicly said all he's trying to achieve is disruption.

I speculate that a combination of the bitterness of being out voted off the board of the OSMF, conspiracy theories and refusing to engage with the community face to face has led to a rather twisted world view.



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