[Osmf-talk] Articles of Association Review.

Chris Fleming me at chrisfleming.org
Mon Apr 25 20:55:15 UTC 2011

The OSMF Strategy Working Group has been tasked with looking at the 
Articles of Association[1], which is the legal document that governs OSMF.

In order to progress this, we have decided to form a small subgroup to 
look at this, which meets on irc channel #osm-strategic at 17:00 UTC 
every Monday evening. If you have an interest in the AoA, have stated 
previous concerns about them, or have an interest in increased, but time 
bounded, participation in OSMF Working Groups, this might be the group 
for you to participate in.

The Articles were a model set and provide everything required for a UK 
Company, but we are looking to mold  them to better reflect the Aims and 
Working of the Foundation.

The current list of issues that we are looking at is documented on the 
wiki at:

So please reply and let me know if you wish to participate or if you 
have any suggestions or comments.


[1] http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Articles_of_Association

e: me at chrisfleming.org
w: www.chrisfleming.org

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