[Osmf-talk] Membership applications from Skobbler employees

Henk Hoff henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org
Tue Aug 23 20:20:05 UTC 2011

The Board would like to inform you that it had received an application
of multiple new memberships of the Skobbler company. The number of
this group of people (if accepted) would represent around 10% of the
members eligible to vote. With less then a month before the AGM (and
board elections), the board did not see fit to accept this group as
members at this time.

The board is convinced there is no wrongdoing in play. The company and
it's employees have shown to be a great supporter of the OpenStreetMap
project. Therefore, there is no reason for denying them membership to
the Foundation. The board decided to accept these applicants as
members starting September 12th 2011 (one day after the AGM).

The Working Group working on an updated version of our Articles of
Association (AoA) had already proposed to grant new members their
voting rights after 30 days of membership. The decision to accept the
membership after the AGM is in the same spirit as this proposal.

We see that several companies, who do great things with OSM, want to
support our Foundation. Skobbler has decided to offer their employees
membership to the OSM Foundation, since they (as an organization)
could not apply for membership themselves. The board welcomes the
creation of Corporate memberships as proposed in the updated version
of our AoA.

Henk Hoff

acting Secretary
OpenStreetMap Foundation
+31 6 4808 8925
henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org

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Openstreetmap Foundation
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