[Osmf-talk] Membership applications from Skobbler employees

David Ellams osmlists at dellams.fastmail.fm
Wed Aug 24 15:47:03 UTC 2011

On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 22:20 +0200, "Henk Hoff"
<henk.hoff at osmfoundation.org> wrote:
> The Board would like to inform you that it had received an application
> of multiple new memberships of the Skobbler company. The number of
> this group of people (if accepted) would represent around 10% of the
> members eligible to vote. With less then a month before the AGM (and
> board elections), the board did not see fit to accept this group as
> members at this time.

With greatest respect to members of the OSMF board who are all hard
working volunteers and were, no doubt, between a rock and hard place,
this decision (as reported) does seem arbitrary and unfair. Most of us
work for someone, and no one on the board knows the nature of the
business we are all in, or the nefarious motives we may have for joining
OSMF. As others have pointed out, had these employees all used their
personal email addresses, this would probably not even have been

If there was a stink after the last mass joining, then a significant
opportunity was missed at that time to put in place a fair set of rules
to deal with this situation. I hope the opportunity is not missed again.



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