[Osmf-talk] Standing for the Board

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Aug 31 16:39:26 UTC 2011

Hello all,

Ok, I give in. :)

I'm standing for election to the OpenStreetMap Foundation board.

The "vision thing" first: OpenStreetMap has got where it is entirely
because of the work of talented and enthusiastic people. I see OSMF's task
as doing what's required to help those people realise their aims. Without
happy and numerous mappers and developers, we're nothing: OSMF's first
responsibility is keeping them happy and ever more numerous, creating a
map that people, companies and other organisations will _want_ to use.

For one reason or another 2010-11 hasn't been an easy year for OSMF.
Generally I believe "if you want something done round here, do it
yourself", so am volunteering to help improve it. Having been encouraged
by several people to stand, and subsequently having spoken to people (here
and elsewhere) about the amount of time required, I'm comfortable that I
could give the time to OSMF. Mikel is absolutely right that the main
challenge is to "be smart and have a plan"!

If elected, my priorities would be:

- to offer support, and organisational help, to those who are seeking to
make OSM more attractive to newcomers
- to continue to support the excellent work done by our developers and
sysadmins in providing for our users
- to help the licence change process continue efficiently
- to ensure OSMF is organisationally stable and communicates with its members

About me:

I've been involved in OpenStreetMap since the very early days, in November
2004. My day job is as a magazine editor (Waterways World, Britain's
best-selling magazine about rivers, canals and boating). I live in deepest
darkest rural England. I'm a volunteer for Sustrans, the UK's cycling and
sustainable transport charity, and for local organisations in the town
where I live.

Since 2004 I've put, and continue to put, countless hours into OSM. I do a
lot of mapping, especially cycle routes. In OSM I'm probably best known
for being the maintainer and one of the principal authors of Potlatch,
OSM's online editing software. But vote for me anyway. :)


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