[Osmf-talk] Elections: Avoid Mandate Creep

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Wed Aug 31 21:04:35 UTC 2011

2011/8/31 Eugene Usvitsky <eugene at usvitsky.com>:

> Every successful project has its leader and strategy.

OSM has a strategy. "Map reality". Do we really need a single leader
(who, you? why not me or any other cat?)?

> We all understand OSM as one project. But in reality it is a
> combination of local communities working each for their own map (and
> these communities are not just country-level, they can be regional or
> even less). These communities almost don't interfere, the only thing
> they have in common is osm.org (though some have their own renders),
> software editors and tags (though they often understand tags
> differently). That's it!

Yes. We had a guy who wanted to make "a map that will suit everyone",
from mapsurfer.net. He built a very nice (proprietary) rendrer... and
finally understood that it's impossible to fill all the OSM data into
256x256 png's.
We'll always have millions of renderers and other data consumers,
otherwise we'll be stuck like Google's Mapmaker that still doesn't
allow me to map some grass in front of my house. But mapmaker data is
consistent between countries - you have same object classes in US and
Belarus, and they don't let you distinguish local details in any way.

> what is more important, clear understanding of what we should reach.

A complete map of reality. That goal is asymptotically reachable.

> really important who will "win". It's more important that there should
> be one and ONLY one way of doing something. People who disagree can
> argue, can leave the project and create a fork but if OSM wants to be
> successful there should be someone who makes decisions and enforce
> them. OSMF is the one organisation who can do that.


Counterexample: satnavs (Navitel, Garmin etc) aren't able to render 3D
according to the spec by user Jongleur
If you don't do proper processing that might even look as garbage or
break proprietary part of osm-to-satnav converters. However, lots of
things look good in that scheme, like

Imagine OSMF board (or some other part of OSMF) being satnav users.
They'll say "we don't map that way as we want it to look good in
satnavs". Should I fork OSM to do that?

> MapMaker, Wikimapia and others. There are even OSM forks. But we as
> OSM can't try to fulfill everyone's wishes and opinions. There should
> be only one.

There's "OSM Mapnik" that's considered "the only one" by most
visitors. You know, some cartographers in my company say that it
sucks, and I agree with them after they've shown why it sucks. That's
why we render our own stylesheet, which sucks (IMHO) less. You want
not to let us do that?

> I explained above - there should be someone who is responsible for
> cleaning AND making everyone not to bring the garbage (wrong tags or
> tags combinations, at least) back.
> And this is OSMF.

For Belarus that's not OSMF, that's Komzpa who wgets the dump daily,
looks for newbies, greets them, watches their first steps
(reverts/fixes), and fixes all the usual mistakes like "building=yes
landuse=residential" => "building=residential", or using "ref" tag
instead of "name" using a long python script that is enlarged with
every newbie coming and misusing tags in predictable way.

And I don't see why OSMF should do this, I'm local here and I can
check data. We need just more people willing to do the same for their

> 9 people (including me). Nine. Out of 350. So do these people (who are
> usually more active than standard OSM member) really bother?

I bother. I just prefer to lurk and actually do things instead of
inventing strategies that will work only in dreams.

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