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But the thing Gregory is that Fred is drawing a false dichotomy and it
isn't mutually exclusive to have core values and also be popular like
Wikipedia gor example.

From: Gregory Marler
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I agree with Frederick on a lot of things he said.
OpenStreetMap (for me) is about that the images/data are free and can be
reused in lots of exciting ways. It is about it being up to date and
editable, and with the potential of being as detailed as a German mapper
can imagine. The community is also beautiful to be part of.
If a blank-minded newcomer to the site knows these things then that is
great, a side result is that there is a map they can use just like
Google. Within a day they may forget how 'free' it is, but I'm happy if
they still carry on using it.

The concepts 'free', 'data', and 'up-to-date' are hard to visualize.
Terms 'editable' and 'community/collaborative/wiki' are a bit tricky.
Map/push-pins are really hard to visualise, but they don't tell us
anything new or different. In fact, how many pages do we have that don't
have a map on them anyway? The ones that don't, do people really come to
them without knowing we're something about maps?

On the OSM/OpenStreetMap subject. I use OpenStreetMap until I get bored
in the same story, or am with those that know. I've normally started
with OpenStreetMap or OpenStreetMap(OSM).
The logo would be great if it works well with no text. The current logo
works well like this and we recognise it on it's own as for OSM (so why
change it?). I suggest we stick with the full text OpenStreetMap next to
the logo or as a page title, but for tiny badges(American: buttons) just
OSM/OSM.org can still be used along side the logo.

Gregory Marler

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